The Ollie-Boat is a vehicle that Ollie made and named after himself when he tried to make a team of his own.
The Ollie-Boat

The Ollie-Boat


Ollie "borrowed" the disc for the Flyboat to make the Ollie-Boat's body. The Ollie-boat has three wheels: two Bicycle wheels on the front and a wagon wheel on the back, held by a piece of cardboard as a leg. Instead of a sail and mast, The Ollie-Boat has a flag. The flagpole is a big carrot and the flag is a paper towel with the "Thunder Pets" logo, which is a lightning bolt version of the Wonder Pets' logo. The flag is tied to the carrot with two strings: one blue and on purple. Lastly, the rocket boosters are two small pasta tubes. Almost all of the time, the tubes would shoot out puff of smoke and the engine sputtered and coughed, resulting in the Flyboat to tow Ollie-Boat.


The Ollie-Boat has only appeared in Ollie to the Rescue!
Towing the Ollie-Boat

Towing the Ollie-Boat

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