The Buck-Boat is a flying hot rod motorcycle version of the Flyboat that Tuck's cousin, Buck, made.
The Buck-Boat

The Buck-Boat


The Buck-Boat's body is like a roundish pod with a tall tail on the back. The tail has two green wings, each with three (3) white stripes. The tail has Buck's logo which is like the Pets' logo but the letter is a "B" instead of a "W" and the shape is a flash rather than a circle. The pod body has the Flyboat's gears and lights and a green seat where Buck sits. The front leg for the Buck-Boat is the mast erector pieces stuck in a yellow spring, bolted with two (2) smaller pieces, it has some handles on the top for Buck to use to steer and has two (2) of the Flyboat's wheels on the end. The back wheels are bigger versions of the Flyboat's wheels with black tires. And lastly, the engine contains four (4)blue permanent marker caps, two (2) on each side of the body. Ming-Ming said, "Those'll have some kick to them." And she was right: when Buck flew the Buck-Boat, it went faster than the Flyboat. If there was a chart of the engines that the Flyboat-vehicles can have, the permanent marker caps would be above the felt marker caps.


The Buck-Boat was only used in Tuck and Buck! And that would make sense,
Buck-Boat Busted

Buck-Boat Busted

since, near the middle of the episode, Buck crashed the Buck-Boat into one of the cubbys. When the Pets told him to fly through one of the cubbys to get out of the classroom, he didn't know that they meant the one covered by a cardboard chicken.

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