Bee Boat


Bee-Boat in flight


The Bee-Boat copy

The Bee-boat

The Bee-Boat is a bee-shaped version of the Flyboat. The team built and flew it when they had to go help the Little Bee with her first nectar-collecting job.


The Bee-Boat has the same wheels and gears as the Flyboat. The body is the red disc but it is covered with black-and-yellow striped fabric and has the Wonder Pets' Logo on the body, since the mast and sail are missing. The Bee-Boat has two fuzzy purple antennas on the front and two bee wings on the back.


The Bee-Boat has only been in just one episode, Save the Bee!.


The Bee-Boat had to travel through the Shrink Machine so that the Wonder Pets can help the Little Bee in a bee-sized environment.

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