Save the Squirrel!


Season 2, Episode 12b
October 23rd, 2007
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Save the Squirrel! is an episode of Wonder Pets! from season 2.

Characters Present


The Wonder Pets receive a call from a squirrel who is trapped on a ferris wheel at Coney Island. When they free the squirrel from the wheel, they discover that it seems to be lost, but is reluctant to ask for help. They also enjoy the delights of Coney Island while trying to persuade the squirrel.


  • The Wonder Pets do not return to their home at the end of the "Save the Squirrel" episode.
  • Ming-Ming drives the Flyboat in this episode.
  • The three dress up for an "old-fashioned day at the beach." Linny and Ming-Ming are both wearing cute dresses and hats, while Tuck wears swimming shorts and a fake mustache.

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