Save the Pangaroo!


Season 2, Episode 17a
Friday, February 29, 2008
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Save the Pangaroo! is an episode of Wonder Pets! from season two.

Characters Present

Drawings Sung By The Eastwood Children's Choir.


The Wonder Pets help a drawing of a pangaroo, a fictional animal that is part kangaroo and part parrot, who has been thrown away in the trash. They later help him find a home and a friend.


  • At the end of this episode, the drawings on the walls of the school sing the Wonder Pets! theme song.
  • When Pangaroo says "I like it!", he looks at the audience.
  • The wonder pets makes The Roller Bunny instead of the flyboat, because he is just right across the classroom.
  • After filming the episode, Pangaroo and Butterdeer said they have a crush on each other.

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