In Chapter 1 Linny Ming-Ming and Tuck are sitting in there homes, when the phone rings they sign the wonder pets theme song, after that Linny says the phone is waiting. Ming-Ming says that that lets take the call. and tuck says the phone is waiting for you to take the call. in chapter 2 they sing the next part of the song. in chapter 3, Linny Ming-Ming and Tuck needs Child's Viewer they had to dress up, they click on a the clothes and then they click on us. in chapter 4, they find the pieces of the flyboat, the Wheels Mask Sail and the Engines. in chapter 5 the flyboat won't turn because the wheels are squeaking. they find some oil, and oil the wheels. after that they skidoo to the dinosaur picture. in chapter 6, they sign the whole song and they land to the ground, In chapter 7, The Viewer to click on the flyboat to move, but If they get hid by mud falling of the leaves, they slip back. in chapter 8, they sing the whole song and everybody says, "The Mud!" they find a leave and a mud to rub the Dinosaur they rub the dinosaur, and they push the dinosaur. in chapter 9, they find the dinosaurs family, in chapter 10, daddy dinosaur says, "Thank You Wonder Pets, You Save My Little Baby." and they have some Celery and the game ends. this is the storyline of *Save the Dinosaur!

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