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Little Bee is a recurring character in the Wonder Pets! series.


Little Bee is a young bumblebee. She is introduced in "Save the Bee," in which the Wonder Pets help her learn to fly and make honey for her hive. She returns in "Save the Glowworm," in which she befriends a cricket and a glowworm. Little Bee is the focus of two subsequent episodes centering on her friendship with Slug: "The Adventures of Bee and Slug!" and "Bee and Slug! Underground."


Little Bee has dark purple eyes, two antennae and thick eyelashes. She has yellow and black stripes and a pair of translucent wings.


Little Bee appears in four episodes of the Wonder Pets! series: "Save the Bee," "Save the Glowworm," "The Adventures of Bee and Slug!" and "Bee and Slug! Underground."

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