The Flyboat is a vehicle that the pets (Linny, Ming-Ming and Tuck) build and use to leave the schoolhouse.


The main base is a red flying disc with four blue-and-yellow wheels. It has three lights: one green, one orange and one pink. The green light acts as a "start" button, as Linny pushes it to lift off. The Flyboat has a clear plastic bottom where five gears are visible. The Flyboat's rocket boosters are two felt marker caps controlled by a green stick that, when lifted, makes the boosters point down. This allows the Flyboat to hover in the air. Lastly, the boat has a mast made out of blue Erector pieces and topped with a marble. The sail has the Wonder Pets! logo on it.


The Bubble-Boat

1st Flyboat copy

The first Flyboat


The Flyboat is frequently modified to fit the needs of each mission, resulting in several different versions of the Flyboat.

"Bubble-Boat" Mode

In episodes where the Pets must go out to sea, they turn the Flyboat into a "Bubble-Boat" by lifting the wheels o that they are not touching the ground and turning the marker caps down. They act as a motor that creates bubbles to propel the boat forward. The Pets have used the Bubble-Boat in Save the Turtle! and Save the Loch Ness Monster! (though it was called the "Boat-Boat" in its second appearance).

Very First Flyboat

When the pets first became the Wonder Pets in How It All Began!, they built the Flyboat for the very first time.

The red base and wheels were the same, but in place of the lights and gears were a Star-Heart-Flower symbol (also seen on the fabric scrap box in the classroom). The rocket boosters were long pasta noodles. The mast was a green stick with a button. The sail is a tissue with the logo drawn on and invented by Tuck.

Other Variants