Bengal Tiger is a young unnamed female white Bengal Tiger from India. She is a major character in the episode she appears in. She makes her debut performance in Save the Bengal Tiger! and hasn't been seen since. She is voiced by Bollywood Star Nandita Das.


The Bengal Tiger is about 12 tiger years old. She is a White Female Bengal Tiger. She has white fur, black stripes, blue eyes with eyelashes, a pink nose, pink pawpads, and white whiskers on both of her cheeks. She appears to be a young cub, being quite small and thin.


In the beginning, she appears to be rather bossy and rude. She orders around the Wonderpets and turns Raji the mouse away for being too small after he offered to help her. She judges smaller animals, believing they are not as important as the large ones like herself. However, after the Wonderpets show her that small animals can help big animals, she accepts Raji's help and he and the Wonderpets pull the thorn from her paw. Afterwards, she befriends the Wonderpets and Raji and her judgement towards small animals and accepts all of them.

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